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* Monogram Vernis, lining-Golden brass pieces
* Integral closure by double zipper
* Two inside patch pockets and a cell phone compartment
* Hand held or carried on the shoulder
* A padlock provides extra security for the closure of the bag
* Removable key bell<...

New addiction program won't do Alcoholics and addicts have deep, dark issues to deal with and will certainly not open up in such a public forum, they have to be in a safe environment and feel comfortable to open up to anyone.

I have talked to people who worked in this field for many years and they all state these changes just don't make any sense. At no time were they involved with any discussions on the changes. Front line workers have a wealth of knowledge but are left out in the cold regarding important decisions. The term 'evidence base' is mentioned often. I have one question: where is this louis vuitton agenda gm size evidence coming from? For instance in British Columbia when a person leaves detox there are dozens of safe places to go. They can stay, take programs, in some cases for months on end. The Nova Scotia government has no safe places but will send people home stating this is the best treatment for addiction. When evidence base is mentioned, please louis vuitton neverfull fake vs real include all the louis vuitton totally mm authentication facts. It is obvious people making these changes know little about addiction and the louis vuitton purses with prices changes could be dangerous to people fighting this disease. Treatment for addiction has never been broken in this province why recreate the wheel? I ask, anyone who's had a problem or knows someone else who has, stand up against these changes and be heard. Like any chronic disease, addiction should be treated with care and compassion, not with the flippant manner shown in these changes. This is just another way to cut costs. The health minister should take a close look at what is going on and the advice he is provided with. The process of addiction has never changed and the process of recovery has not changed. I suggest that those giving this advice get their nose out of a book and get out in the field, see what really goes on in detox. I'm sure you will not be in a hurry to change a thing.

I believe everyone is affected when it comes to addiction. Please call your MLA, let government know you won't stand for these cuts. God forbid you or a family member may need what was offered in a detox unit.

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