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Brazza Wallet
Brazza Wallet


* 12 credit card slots
* Slot for business and ID cards
* Large zippered compartment for carrying change
* Gusseted compartment for banknotes and receipts
* Four internal patch pockets for other papers and ticketst

Media Musings Blog Archive Journalism and the Jackson celebrity trial [PHOTO: FOX NEWS Los Angeles ] TV stations launch round the clock Law and Order style coverage and hours of expert analysis.

LaToya Jackson is tweeting about the trial from the courtroom while gossip websites spill endless speculation. Every day in the courtroom, judge Michael Pastor has urged jurors not to look at online blogs or watch the TV coverage at all, to try and avoid any preconceptions the media may be pushing about the trial. But preconceptions are being broadcast thick and thin. In the first major celebrity trial since social media, and, most notably Twitter, gained such dominance, it has been particularly challenging for the judge to stave off the media circus in this final episode of the King of Pop. Conrad Murray's legal team even requested the jury be sequestered to protect him from "Nancy Grace type character assassinations". But motion was denied. Unforunately for the doctor, the prosecution's attacks are the ones leading the headlines. The media, both in the US and abroad, are eating them up. The Sun ran a front page lead story, followed by a spread, illustrating the problem. Entitled "Michael Jackson 'left to die'", it details in subheadings how the King of Pop was 'abandoned by his doc', and how the star was killed by a 'perfect storm of drugs'. Coupled with blurry photos of Jackson lying dead louis vuitton purses lubbock in bed and protesters holding placards reading, "He's a monster, he's an animal justice 4 MJ", the defence's rebuttal did not get a mention. This isn't to say the charges haven't been laid Jackson died aged 50 in his mansion in June 2009 from an overdose of Propofol, a powerful anaesthetic, that he was taking as part of a cocktail of medications to treat insomnia. Conrad Murray, the doctor he retained on a $US150,000 a month contract just weeks earlier, is accused of negligently administering the lethal dose. Regardless of how firm the foundations of the case against Conrad may be, he has pleaded not guilty, and, as argued by Judge Pastor, it's not up to the media to decide.

The doctor seems to be copping a bad run in the press. Witnesses have told that Dr Murray delayed calling emergency services and seemed more preoccupied with hiding medications than thinking about the condition of his patient. In a day and age where there's louis vuitton cross body bag amazon even an iPad app from louis vuitton kusama agenda Fox News, louis vuitton alma bb damier offering a live stream of the trial and allowing users to "carry the courtroom with you," the media surely has an obligation to remain as impartial as possible and uphold one simple principle: innocent until proven guilty.

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