Monogram Lurex Shawl

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Monogram Lurex Shawl


* 50% silk, 30% lurex, 20% wool
* Louis Vuitton Paris signature in lurex
This sophisticated shawl, woven with a t...

North Cumbria is 'most affordable' housing area in UK House hunters in north Cumbria are in one of the UK's best places to buy an affordable home.

Prices in Carlisle typically start from under 100,000, meaning that first time buyers are able to get a foot on the housing ladder, a situation which is unattainable in many parts of the country. An area louis vuitton w bags of Cumbria has been highlighted as the most affordable rural place to live in Britain in a recent study conducted by the Halifax Rural Housing Review. In rural areas, prices are dictated by the availability of local facilities and transport links. Researchers found that the least affordable rural place to set up home was Tandridge in Surrey, with an average house price of 465,354 11.4 times local annual average earnings. The most affordable area was Copeland, where an average property would set you back 142,972 3.5 times local annual average earnings. Speaking about the situation in north Cumbria, Carlisle estate agent Richard Stronach said: "There are a number of affordable areas within our community. "In Carlisle these areas would include Belah and St Anns to the north, Upperby and Currock to the south, Long Sowerby, Morton and Bell Vue to the west and Harraby to the east. Prices within these areas range louis vuitton bracelet online from 70,000 upwards to the 150,000 level, depending on the size and type of property." He continued: "With regard to rural areas, prices can be quite reasonable and are mainly dictated by the remoteness of the property with regards to local facilities and amenities. "While remoteness may be an asset in louis vuitton alma pomme d&amour the Lake District, it becomes less so when into areas in the borders and the Pennines." Mr Stronach, of H King, said he believed there would always be strong demand for the sort of affordable housing available in north Cumbria. "Thes types of properties are well built and in their day were national award winning house building schemes laid out to benefit from the local schools, churches and shops. "Modern developments in and around Carlisle will benefit from the infrastructure that was put in place when these were built," he said. The research from the Halifax revealed that rural homes typically cost 20 per cent more than properties in urban areas, with buyers expecting to pay around 254,000 for a country home compared to just under 211,000 for a city pad.

With bracelet louis vuitton occasion house prices in Carlisle from around 70,000, this sector attracts both first time buyers and buy to let buyers, Mr Stronach added, and fulfills a need with a large number of them owned by social housing organisations. However, he sounded a note of caution: "First time buyers may qualify for a mortgage but still struggle to get the deposit pulled together.".

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