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* Zipped closure
* Engraved press lock
* Flat shoulder strap
* Microfibre lining
* Interior patch and phone pockets
* Bottom studs to protect the bag
Soft, supple Mahina leather and a superbly elegant ...

Media Musings Blog Archive When serious people won As a student journalist, I found one of the hardest things can be getting seriouspeople to take you seriously.

You are pushed to the bottom of every list of emails and every queue of call backs. When you get a response, it often sounds like this. Last week a Victorian Government department told one louis vuitton artsy gm cost of my peers they couldn respond to her questions because they prioritise their time for serious reporters. As a specific example, this is a sad exception. But it shows a mindset that clearly out there. Recently I was trying to get a comment from Immigration Minister Chris Bowen office. I had a few days to get the quote, but knowing the turtle like speed of bureaucracy, I thought I get cracking early. The first call went well, I thought. A nice lady told me everyone was very busy but someone would call me back to answer my questions. She made a note of my number. Later on I believe that note was re incarnated into a paper aeroplane. As day turned to night, I thought I go the email route. I sent off my questions, my phone number, and waited for a response. Halfway through the next day and still nothing on both fronts. Reluctantly, I picked up the phone again. Another nice lady, more mutterings about being busy. is there a number I can call directly? I asked. There was. Feeling like I was finally getting somewhere, I dialled the new number and asked for the name I was given. he not here at the moment but if you leave your numberI get him to call you back. an hour later, I was back on the phone. This time I mentioned my fast approaching deadline and with some luck, I was put through. Minister Bowen office proved elusive. Photo: Kate Lundy Ironically, after all that, he couldn answer my simple question. Our exchange went something like this: Bowen said according to Indian students are less likely to be attacked than others in Australia. What analysis? well I can say specifically, but what I can tell you is that the department does a lot of research I understand that. But I really like to attribute his comments to some actual research. he a Minister of the Crown mate so he knows what he talking about. well, that a relief. I guess I write that he important so let all just take his word for it. In the end I did my own digging, found the research Mr Bowen was quoting and wrote the story. The findings weren as rosy as Mr Bowen suggested. Still, I learnt something. Persistence goes a long way in this business. Do you have any similar experiences or tips louis vuitton charm bracelet price to share? Tell me below. Chris Bowen, Indian Students, Luke Henriques Gomes, Meld Magazine, Student Journalists Posted under: Future of journalism Dated: May 22 2012 Yay for persistence Luke! And for starting early! Definitely can relate to getting that sinking feeling after I said the words and when I trying to get hold of someone. 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