LV Initiales Glazed Leather Belt

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LV Initiales Glazed Leather Belt


* Brushed silvery brass initials buckle
* Glazed leather
* Nubuck lining
This stylish, versatile belt in smooth, modern glazed leather is signed with an iconic LV initials buckle.

Media Musings Blog Archive I By Monique Capomolla Last night my family and I sat down to watch Voice a 2 hour program taken up with at least 30 minutes of advertisement time.

I found most of the louis vuitton amazon shoulder bag commercials to be clichd, over acted and most of all, boring! I can even remember what they were all about it, that is except for the WorkSafe ad. The ad worked on scaring the audience with the shocking truth. However, at times what is acceptable advertising gets blurred and instead become traumatic. There seems to be a fine line between what is satisfactory to show on television or print in a magazine, billboard, etc. and what crosses to the side of distressing and leaving the audience shell shocked. Advertisements are regulated by Australian Association of National Advertisers. The AANA Code of ethics states: Advertising or marketing communications should not employ sexual appeal in a manner which is exploitative and degrading of any individual or group of people. Advertising or Marketing Communications shall not louis vuitton bracelet homme prix present or portray violence unless it is justifiable in the context of the product or service advertised. However, because it is self regulated, what is and is always changing. Does shock advertising hit its mark or is it too disturbing for our screens and print ads?Posted under: Media ethics Dated: May 15 2012 Monique, I have to agree with you. Most ads that grab your attention are controversial or disturbing in some way. and then there just the plain annoying ones. I think they rely on shock value to get you watching and then hope you pay attention to their message. Despite the really disturbing imagery in most of the work safe, quit smoking and TAC ads I really believe they are effective. I can see myself smoking, drink driving or using a nail gun without safety goggles and it largely due to these ads. I guess it all depends on the person, I think they are good scare tactics to keep kids out of trouble. The issue of self regulation is an interesting in relation to our field of journalism but in also in advertising as you have pointed out. I think shock advertising works depending on the product/message. In the case louis vuitton alma pomme d&amour of Vic Roads or WorkSafe I think the public needs the shock of the rude truth to actually pay attention. It would be interesting to look at the stats for these ads to see if they really are effective. The shock of these ads remind us that we not invincible accidents can happen. As far as the fashion industry and provocative and/or boundary pushing ads, they too tap into a part of our psyche perhaps closer to the surface, ahem, sex. I always find it interesting to see how government sponsored ads are usually the ones employing the biggest shock factor in any line up. The WorkSafe ads are a great example of this and they have a long history of using shock, (an allusion to) gore and fear to sell their product.

I suppose the real reason behind this is what they trying to sell an idea which is inherently unappealing. Caution isn something people want to buy, nor is the idea that smoking will kill them. Quit have tried the positive spin with cigarette you don louis vuitton bags 2014 collection smoke is doing you good and time you quit it gets easier but in the end it the shocking ads that stay with you the longest.

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