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Raspail MM
Raspail MM
Raspail MM


*Hand or shoulder carry
*Natural cowhide leather trimmings
*Signature handle fastener
*Shiny golden brass pieces
*Burgundy textile lining
*Zipped interior and Blackberry pocket
The elegant s...

Nazi Metal Bands To Promote Clothing Line Well this is just weird.

H is being accused of creating fake underground metal bands in order to promote their new clothing line. The whole ordeal began when a label called Strong louis vuitton neverfull france Scene Productions announced the Swedish retailer would release a line based around some of the talent on their roster. Here's where things get fishy there is little to no evidence that any of the bands mentioned above exist, which was quickly pointed out by posters on the subreddit r/Metal, and by metal blog, Metal Injection. The label, and some of the bands associated, claim to have a history reaching back to the '90s, but all records of their existence (including songs, websites, Myspace pages, Twitter accounts, and even fan accounts) have only popped up in the last week or so. And what's more bizarre is the fact that two of the bands seem to have ties to the NSBM louis vuitton shoes in burlesque (National Socialist Black Metal) and feature louis vuitton alma mm Neo Nazi imagery in their branding. Metal Injection says they contacted H for comment, but the rep "seemed confused by the whole ordeal and asked for links." However, Strong Scene then posted the following message on Facebook: Post by Strong Scene Productions. According to Vice, H had absolutely nothing to do with the making of these bands whatsoever. They write: "It was all a giant parody by those behind Strong Scene Productions who are, essentially, genuine metal fans who took one look at H most recent "metal inspired" items of clothing complete with fake bands and patches that work from a brief of 'generic heavy metal imagery' and thought, I'm done with high street chains badly commodifying my music. louis vuitton shoes in burlesque the movie They decided to play a deep and brilliant joke on H by actually creating the 'bands', making them really right wing and then spreading them across the internet for the world to join the dots." Follow Huffington Post Canada Style on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter! EARLIER ON HUFFPOST: In April 2010, Urban Outfitters pulled a t shirt from their online store with a color option of 'Obama/Black.' The store had produced Obama themed shirts but none of them with this color description. In response, the store released this statement: "The burnout pattern on this shirt is comprised of two colors one is an internally developed color we called "Obama Blue" and the other is "Black.

" Unfortunately our website database truncate this combination to read "Obama/Black." We should have caught the error, and apologize for offending anyone.".

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