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New bills reveal grab What is Premier Christy Clark's government all about? People make their judgments based on their personal impressions of the woman or on the policy announcements she makes.

Liberals under her leadership are louis vuitton bags delightful trying to do. It's a grab bag assortment of ideas with no discernible theme so louis vuitton bags with red inside far. But that's no particular reflection on her. The legislative agenda is nearly always a mishmash of ideas from all over the map. The bureaucracy always has a list of problems that need fixing. Politics drives a few more ideas into law. And circumstances dictate still more. The bills that Clark and her cabinet have introduced so far fall into three categories. There are a few popularity plays fulfilling earlier promises. There's a handful of bills that fix previous government initiatives that either never worked or stopped working properly. And there's a big package of routine bills that make various adjustments to the big $40 billion a year machine that is government. Following is a breakdown: Promises, promises. The most obvious play for votes is the Family Day Act. It's a classic attempt to solve a First World problem by easing the desperate plight of British are louis vuitton bags good quality Columbians who have to suffer more than 90 consecutive days without a paid holiday. Also introduced was the creation of an auditor general for local governments. It was designed as another crowd pleaser, although there was some debate about whether it will be worth the effort. A few of the law and order amendments look like they were designed with the election in mind, too. There's more power to seize assets from criminals, which usually goes over well with the majority. And there's another push to clear minor cases out of the courts, with new ways to resolve small civil disputes and traffic tickets. Easing the caseload goes part way toward dampening concern about the fact criminals are evading justice because the system is so overloaded. But it buys more problems for people who want their day in court. Fixes. In 2009, the Liberals changed the sales tax system to spur economic growth and make the system fairer and more efficient. Everyone hated it; they rose up to vote it down. And it drove former premier Gordon Campbell from office. So it needs a little. tweaking. The next chapter in the HST saga is the bill, introduced Monday, to reverse the whole nightmare and restore the old sales tax system. The bill will make it abundantly clear once again that it's a lot easier to make a mistake than it is to correct it. Last year's new approach to impaired driving which puts more emphasis on immediate administrative penalties, rather than criminal charges also gets a modest makeover, on instructions from a judge. There's also a fairly major reversal of pharmaceutical policy. An earlier attempt to curb the cost of prescription drugs covered by Pharmacare by way of a contract with the companies didn't work. So louis vuitton neverfull yayoi kusama price the next effort is a bill that simply dictates the price the government will pay. Run of the mill. Drinking in theatres. More powers for the SPCA to protect animals. New limits on civil liability. Pension law reform. More opportunities for kick boxing tournaments. The one insight into Clark you get is not in the content of the bills. It's in how the package was managed this spring.

A last minute jumble saw a big chunk (12 bills, with more to come) introduced in the last month. There's no hope to scrutinize them all in time, so there will be a huge argument filled scramble before the house adjourns. Which is pretty much how she and her government roll.

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