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Lumineuse GM
Lumineuse GM


* Embossed calf leather with smooth leather trimmings
* Removable shoulder strap for hand, shoulder or cross-body carry
* Zipped closure with padlock
* 1 exterior front pocket with D-ring
* Interior zipped pocket and numerous patch pockets
* D-ring for keys and...

Media Musings Blog Archive My art will go on The newsagent is a whimsical place: purveyor of all things news and gloss.

I often find myself floating through the aisles, breathing in the sweet scent of print, and running my eyes louis vuitton alma in epi leather along the rows and rows of fashion and lifestyle magazines, that seduce me with their sheen. Obviously there is a family based love for this tangible form of content delivery, and my hope as a journalist is to one day contribute to the fantasy land found within the pages of my favourite magazines. Yet with industry professionals issuing blood curdling screams, is Dead! as they leap from their sinking ship is it a case of arriving too late to board the Titanic? In a recent online article, Mia Freedman described a magazine as a monologue, in contrast to the level of interactivity online. Coming from a magazine background, Freedman said she became disillusioned, impatient [and] restless just weren speaking to me or inspiring me anymore. They felt increasingly disconnected from my life, she continued. Freedman thoughts were aired amid speculation that the dismissal of long louis vuitton bags 1996 term Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements on Wednesday is the beginning of an effort to revamp Vogue online presence which, admittedly is not the best. Yet online is only one aspect of a magazine with more push behind it than any transient website which louis vuitton medium agenda youtube exists only in gigs and bytes on a computer screen. As a Gen Y journalism student and social media devotee, I should concur wholeheartedly with Freedman call that the print world is irrelevant and archaic. Call me old fashioned, but I have to respectfully disagree. However, there were mixed reactions to Freedman article on Twitter. Twitter responded swiftly and strongly to Freedman views on the death of fashion magazines Keen to hear from someone in the industry right now, I asked The Age fashion editor Janice Breen Burns for her thoughts. mags are secure but niche, I think: the discerning, edited intellectual view of fashion source collections, she replied. Discerning. Edited. Intellectual = Print. Fast. Free. Interactive = Online. In a world of fleeting facts, transient trends, and ephemeral ecstasies, I want something tangible:a glossy mag spilling with beautiful editorials, curated images, riveting reviews and insightful articles. Of course, the financial viability of print format news is the elephant trundling along behind each edition. As Digital First Media CEO John Paton astutely noted: going to miss us when we gone is not much of a business model Investors don buy into myth. They buy into math. may be so, but if print goes down, it taking posterity (and me) with it. Fashion magazines, Kirstie Clements, Mia Freedman, online media, Print are louis vuitton purses vinyl is dead, vogueDated: May 18 2012 I really like your intro, it great to inject a personal touch to your posts. I still like to see your opinion higher and stronger in the post.

The idea is to introduce the topic, state your opinion, then back it up using research, links, background, experiences etc (while also addressing the other side of the debate, which you have done here). I guess the worry with Vogue is that as you have said magazines are supposed to fill a niche and Vogue is very far from its original target audience and intentions. I think the decline of the American and English vogue is just going in line with the switch from Europe to Asia in general.

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