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*100% UV protection
*Louis Vuitton exclusive acetate frame
*Monogram marquetry in the arms
*LV logo engraved on the lens
Reinterpreting Louis Vuitton's classic Obesession line,which is distinguished ...

Josaia Vosikata sentenced to 22 years jail for murder of Canberra's Daniela D'Addario "I have sat through all the court proceedings and listened to the evidence of how 40 dollar louis vuitton bags he filmed himself obtaining sexual gratification by indecently interfering with her lifeless body shortly after he murdered louis vuitton purses nordstrom her; this is something no sister should have to endure.

" Ms Knight said louis vuitton bags 2010 she mourned her sister's loss day louis vuitton shoes black and night and cherished recollections of shared laughterand time spent with her. Justice Burns saidVosikatabecame increasingly fixated with Ms D'Addario, forming the belief she was pregnant,after she ended their two month relationship last March and had sent her dozens of text messages in the lead up to the killing. "You could not accept the relationship was over and began to obsess over her," he said. Ms D'Addario repeatedly asked Vosikatato stop harassing her, but the messages continued. Nine days before the murder, he went to her apartment and tried to molest her in her sleep. In the days that followed,Vosikatasearched the internet for informationabout chemicals to knock people out andhow to kill. He also looked online for"videos of girls being raped", "hidden cameras for sale", "remote cottages"and tips on how to open locked doors. Vosikata went to his former girlfriend's apartment on the morning of April 19 and tried to render her unconsciousbefore he wrapped his hands around her neck and killed her. An autopsy later revealed bruises and lacerations to Ms D'Addario's face, neck and shins. After the murder,Vosikatawent home, had lunch with his mother and watched TV, before returning to the apartment in the early hours of April 20. He cleaned the home and putMs D'Addario'sbody in the boot before he drove away. He was arrested on the south coast on April 23 after the pair was reported missing. Justice Burns said he wassatisfied the offence was premeditated as Vosikata's internet searches indicated he had contemplated killing Ms D'Addarioin the days before.

But he was not convinced Vosikata had intended to murderMs D'Addario when hewent to the apartment that day. The offender's actions after the fatal attackspoke of panic, but displayed a lack of planning, the court was told. Vosikata'sviolation of MsD'Addario'sbody did not appear to be driven by sexual perversion and instead stemmed from adesire to exert control over her, Justice Burns said.

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