Monogram Shine Shawl

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Monogram Shine Shawl


*50% silk,30% lurex,20% wool
*Louis Vuitton Paris signature in lurex

This sophisticated shawl,woven with a tone-on-tone Monogram pattern,is given a subtle shimmer by the use o...

Media Musings Blog Archive You The American Psychiatry Association published the fifth edition of louis vuitton alma 2013 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders last Saturday.

The DSM is a dense, close packed handbook thathelps psychiatrists with diagnosis and their guiding of treatment. Since the first publication of the DSM in 1952 the questioning of the part it plays in psychiatry has been in the centre of discourse up until the publication of the latest edition, the DSM 5. The DSM has been subject to scrutiny and scepticism by many who have suggested that it exists purely for the benefit of drug companies and psychiatrists. And many have argued that the DSM has increased feasibility for over diagnosis of mental illness. Unlike pretty much every other discipline of medicinal practice, psychiatry doesn't open you up and truly examine you, so to say. I mean, psychiatrists don't examine the health of your medulla oblongata or your hypothalamus by peering through a state of the art instrument they lean back in their burgundy suede chair, legs crossed jotting jargon on their Spirax notepad. An accurate method of diagnosis, eh? My fifteen year old sister recently visited a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a general practitioner. Evidently all three meetings were different the GP louis vuitton keep it twice bracelet referred her to a psychologist, which didn't necessarily work out, so the next step was to visit a psychiatrist. In a nutshell the first meeting with her psychiatrist went like this: "My name is Lauren, I don't want to go to school and I don't see eye to eye with my family." After 45 minutes of swapping from "uh huh" to "mmm hmm" while darting her eyes from my family to her Spirax, Lauren's psychiatrist cited excessive anger as the central issue of her unhappiness. She asked my parents how they were feeling, what they have previously done to aid the situation and finished with a "this will help" as she handed them a prescription to medication. Lauren was prescribed some sort of serotonin boosting medication that apparently help settle the chemical imbalance under her skull. Yep, drugs are just what she needs at such a young age. My sister may or may not have a mental illness. But more than a mere 45 minute $250 session would be required to detect it, wouldn't you think? DSM, Mental Illness, PsychiatryDated: May 24 2013 I think this kind of thing is typical of the post society, in which no one is ever to blame, and legal battles are a first choice, rather than a last resort. Mental illness is very real and can louis vuitton bags discount price be very harmful, but as you say, is every little problem we have an think everyone needs to watch more South Park. Immature as their show may be, Trey Parker and Matt Stone rarely fail to hit the nail on the head with regard to hysteria inducing issues like ADD, obesity, racism, Internet addiction, mental illness, homosexuality, etc. The problem, nowadays, seems to be how liberally psychiatrists prescribe medication to treat feelings of unhappiness which might not be actually be mental illnesses but just normal reactions to life. There can be dangers to over prescribing. The person can become too reliant on the drug, especially if they prescribed at such a young age, like your sister. Drug prescriptions can also label a person as having some thing wrong with them that is beyond there control, like a chemical imbalance that can only be relieved by a drug. And labelling a person can sometimes create further mental issues. Of course there are many legitimate cases of mental illnesses that exist. I think what is important, is that people who are experiencing feelings of misery are aware of the help that out there. It important that they encouraged, by professionals, to seek drug free treatments before being prescribed. Although there may be a problem with over prescription, the increased statistics of those deemed mentally ill or put on medication also reflect the partial de stigmatisation of mental health problems (arguably a massive stigma remains.) While I see Abbie and Nick points, to me dismissing psychological diagnoses by saying psychiatrists overreact to unhappiness is dangerous. It perpetrates the idea that because something may be outwardly symptom less, it louis vuitton hard briefcase replica is not legitimate. In my experience friends with mental illnesses are extremely good at playing or pretending they are fine. The danger with saying that just because someone appears okay means their diagnosis is symptomatic of our society, is that you never know the truth of their pain.

And while drug free treatments are always preferable, talking is not going to change the chemical balances of your brain. Where as simply being on the Pill will(70% of women use anyway), which has been helping my sister since she was around 14 with her own imbalances and issues. Drugs aren always the answer, but in my opinion they aren the worst outcome either.

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