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Neverfull PM
Neverfull PM
Neverfull PM


* Eye-catching striped interior with textile lining
* Large interior zipped pocket which can fit a long wallet
* Interior D-ring for keys or an accessory
* Metallic pieces in shiny golden brass
* Leather trimmings
* Side laces to change the shape of the bag ...

My Playboy dad and I don't have the same taste in women Cooper Hefner, 21, is the son of Playboy founder Hugh and 1989 Playmate Of The Year Kimberley Conrad.

My parents separated when I was eight. My dad bought the house next to Playboy Mansion for my mom, who used to be a model. My brother and I had a room in each house. When my dad had parties, we stayed at our mom's. As my brother and I got a bit older, around 14 or 15, we'd try to sneak into the parties but often we'd end up being chased by security. Uncle Jack was a family friend. It's only when you're older and you see his movies you realise it's Jack Nicholson. There were a lot of iconic guys at the house. It's bizarre to become a fan of people you first knew as family friends. My dad was in his mid sixties when I was born. There were times where maybe I'd want to play baseball with him and he wouldn't want to do those things but he surrounded himself with so many interesting people. I had the opportunity to interact with people of all ages from all walks of life, which has given me the ability to get on with anyone. At school everyone in my class would come to my house because we had a zoo with squirrel monkeys, flamingos, peacocks, cranes, toucans, all sorts of animals. That might surprise people because there's this idea there'd be all these naked girls running all over buy louis vuitton agenda refill the place but the house really did function like a normal family home 50 per cent of the time. My maternal grandmother louis vuitton purses tivoli gm is a southern Christian religious woman. She and my mom's family would visit us they wanted to come to the mansion. There was a curiosity there. Los Angeles is a liberal city and I didn't have any problems growing up in louis vuitton bags hawaii terms of people reacting negatively to what my dad did for a living. When I was younger I wanted to be a police officer. I saw a documentary about my dad that focused on the activism he did in the 1960s and showed him discussing the civil rights movement with people like Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr. I was blown away. I knew right then that I wanted to work in the family business. I wanted to make the company like that again. I graduated from university with a degree in film production and history. I've been learning about the company while being a student. I want to represent my dad and have a hand in the direction the company goes in, and for the company to go back to that era of being cool and sophisticated. I'm trying to figure a way of balancing representing the brand with being true to who I am. People joke that I'm not wearing a smoking jacket and holding a pipe that's not who I am. As much as I love my father, louis vuitton epi briefcase black and there's an immense amount he's taught me, I'm still going to do things my way. I look at my dad and we have a lot in common but not the women we're attracted to. I like brunettes. My dad's in his eighties.

Beauty is generational. What people my age think is attractive he may not. In a romantic partner I'd want someone attractive, comfortable with their sexuality, who is able to talk about politics and who I can have an intellectual conversation with.

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