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* Damier Geant canvas in technical fibers identical to those used for climbing ropes, calf leather handles and trimmings, hard-wearing canvas lining
* Brushed aluminum pieces
* Zippered closure
* Inside patch pocket and cell phone compartment
* Magazine format zip...

Ocean cruising vs river cruising : The top five benefits louis vuitton bags date code of eachSpecial feature: Both the ocean and river cruising markets keep on growing year on year with each sector having its fans and detractors but if you've never been on either which would suit you best? 06:30, 13 MAR 2014Updated10:30, 13 MAR 2014You get more onboard restaurants and things to do on an ocean cruise Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing! Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Which should you pick a river cruise or a cruise at sea? Top five reasons for booking a river cruise It's much more intimate As the size of louis vuitton alma epi leather price a river vessel is set by the rivers they navigate they have to be a lot smaller than their ocean going counterparts. With around another hundred guests onboard with you you'll get to know everyone and make friends a lot easier than you would on a large cruise ship. Not only this; the staff will also get to know you a lot better and be able to show you much more attention, (if that's what you want). The majority of river cruise companies offer a truly all inclusive experience. So whilst the initial booking price can look higher, all your drinks and shore excursions are included in the up front price. This means once you get onboard you've nothing else to spend! A river cruise ship can dock right in the heart of a city which means no long transfers or waiting times to reach the different tourist attractions. You can literally stroll off the ship and you'll be there. Again because of the size of the ship you won't have long embarkation and disembarkation times with a river cruise From arriving at the ship you can be in your cabin within minutes! There's no standing in long queues waiting to get on and off the ship. While an ocean cruise is a great experience, your view can get a little repetitive. You're either staring out at the port you're docked in or looking out at the sea. With a river cruise the scenery is constantly changing as you slowly glide down the river. Top five reasons to book an ocean cruise As popular as river cruising has become in the last few years it's still a growing market. If you choose an ocean cruise you'll find you've much more choice in terms of where to go, what cruise line to pick and even which ship you sail on. Again, because of this range of choice you'll find the price of an ocean cruise is much more flexible with great deals popping up all the time. River cruises do tend to sell out very quickly simply because each ship can take so few people. As already mentioned ocean cruise ships are a lot larger than river ones. Rather than this being a bad thing however it can mean a much wider range do all louis vuitton bags have d rings of facilities for you to enjoy. Rock climbing walls, spas and salons, swimming pools, mini golf courses not to mention dozens of different bars and restaurants for you to try each day. This size also means the cruise lines have more room to practise things like Broadway shows in for you. The point of a river cruise really is the destinations you'll visit; being in the heart of the action, whilst an ocean cruise will be about the all round package, with good destinations, a good ship and great entertainment of an evening. One downside to a river cruise can be the weather. If a river floods the ships can get stuck with nowhere else to go. Whilst you still get storms at sea if things get really bad the captain can always sail the ship somewhere else meaning your cruise will never be ruined by something you can't control.

Which would you choose? Below are five ocean cruise and five river cruise offers. Which do you think looks the most attractive? Ocean cruises Canary Islands Portugal 3 May '14 Fred. Olsen Cruises Braemar 10 nights Fly UK Santa Cruz, Tenerife : Las Palmas : louis vuitton artsy gm size Valle Gran Rey (overnight) : San Sebastian : Santa Cruz, La Palma : Funchal : Lisbon : Leixoes : HarwichUpgrade to All Inclusive for Only per Night.

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