Card Holder

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Card Holder
Card Holder


*Damier canvas
*An interior slot holds bigger cards and receipts
*Two outside slots for credit cards,transport cards or others
This simple card holder in Damier canvas slips easily into a pocket.It holds credit...

Media Musings Blog Archive Gillard gets global cred The world was watching this week as our Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered an epic attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

The 15 minute video, in which she calls him a misogynist and a hypocrite, went viral in cyberspace and made waves across international media. In contrast, our local media largely failed to acknowledge the significance of the speech. Instead, we retreated to the filthy pigpen of Australian political coverage and oration was a fine display of feminist prowess and should have transcended partisan politics. I am deeply troubled that it hasn commentator on Jon Faine ABC radio show this morning said the speech had set feminism back decades. Comments like this make me very angry, especially when they come from men. Our proud PM. Image: Wikimedia The Herald Sun ran a dismissive campaign against Labor in the wake of the speech. Its headlines focused on the Slipper affair and suggested Gillard leadership was hanging by a thread. Andrew Bolt called her woman of no principle give The Hun some credit, there was a brief article noting our PM international popularity, but this was countered somewhat by the way her impressive rhetorical skills were reduced to a authentic louis vuitton briefcase mere there was praise aplenty among my own social media circles. Many of these accolades were from females, but not all of them were Labor supporters. They had put their politics aside for one day to express glowing, nationalistic tributes to our PM. Many people expressed their support for the PM speech on social media. Others in my networks also pointed to the inconsistent media coverage and slung some arrows of their own: we been Murdoched? said one. MX was all over Gillard like hot sauce. It ran what I think has to be the best headline all year: Caesar, Global support for our PM This was followed up with two or three articles louis vuitton shoes fake or real congratulating her achievements. MX shares many things with The price of louis vuitton agenda Herald Sun, including its owner (Murdoch) and its hometown (Melbourne), and therefore much of its content and resources. But it does have a different demographic and a niche one at that. The inner city commuters who scoop it up for free at train stations and read it on the way home are tired after a long day work. They want light entertainment. They want a feel good story about our PM kicking goals on the global field. They don want yet more tawdry, domestic political infighting. So no, we haven been Murdoched, not quite. In the northeastern region, many places have cheap oakleys for sale free shipping been deck wpc indonesiausing geothermal resources for heating, while in the south, is still the natural conditioning or air conditioning louis vuitton shoes size 14 as the main way to change the temperature.

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